The Power of WeChat: 7 Essential Elements of Effective WeChat Marketing

On June 12, Yu-Link hosted Roberto & Company for a unique event in Shanghai that revealed the practical secrets of WeChat marketing. The WeChat Workshop, driven by Amirsan Roberto and his team, showed us the 7 Essential Elements of Effective WeChat Marketing that enabled Roberto & Co to generate massive profits for their company in a short amount of time.

Here are some of the secrets that they shared:

  • Get a Home Base

To start your WeChat campaign, you need a place to send your followers to start generating buzz and profits.  Roberto & Co. recommends setting up a quick 5 minute blog/website using a product like Squarespace.

  • Put a Face On Your Business

In this day and age, people want to connect to a person rather than a boring, stuffy company. Instead of marketing solely under your brand, use yourself or your employees to add a personal touch when marketing your service or product. This

  • Share Your Resources

Chances are there are many potential partners out there that can help you distribute information about your business.  Are there other groups or businesses out there that are reaching the same customers that you are trying to reach?  Use the power of your existing network, or align with existing networks to help expand your reach and help them by sharing your own resources and content beneficial for them and their customers.

  • Pick a Primary Platform

Make sure that your target customers are actually using WeChat.  If your customers are not in a country with heavy WeChat usage, maybe it’s not the best platform for you.  Your social media platform of choice should be the channel where your customers are.   

  • Manage Your Time

It’s important to balance the time you use on WeChat with your other business strategies. Use WeChat effectively by determining how much time you need to spend to get the biggest result.   

  • Content First, Conversation Second

Use content to educate your customers about what they need to know to make an intelligent purchase. Focus on customer objections, questions, and problems.

  • Don’t Forget SEO

Search engine optimization is a superb complement to your WeChat strategy. Use your partners and links to your product or service to help reach the top spots in search engines.

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