Let's 3D Print a Robot!

On Monday, June 16th, the weekly Open 3D printing event took place in Yu-Link. Irmas Bortnikas, mayor of 3D Hubs, led the event exploring the use of 3D printing in robotics. The event kicked off with a TED talk delivered by a 17 year old student that built his own 3D printed robotic arm (Inspiring TED Talk) that are now used for experiments by NASA, and soon the robotic arms will be available to help the disabled.

Then the guest speaker of the evening, Rodolfo Cossovich, a Design Engineer with passion for robot-human machine interactions, explained to the audience his devotion to prototyping robots for children to use for education. He discussed his background with 3D printing and robotics and how he prototypes with a 3D printer.

To conclude the evening, the Yu-link office experiment was revealed, as the staff here will attempt to build a Bar Mixvah Cocktail Robot!  Look forward to having some robotic cocktails with us when we complete the project.