3 Tips For Naming Your Chinese Company



We get a lot of questions on various aspects of company registration and procedures so we thought we’d start laying out some of the most frequently asked questions in a series of blog posts.  One question that comes up a lot is how to name your company.  It seems to be quite the pain for many people, as their name choices are often rejected by the government.  There is no need to cause an extra time delay due to not being able to file a name correctly.  We typically give the following suggestions to our clients:

Create a name that sounds similar to your English name

In China, the characters you choose for your business must be completely unique to be accepted. This means that trying to find the most meaningful and poetic name for your business will be quite challenging, if not impossible. The odds of picking out a clever name that no one has thought of before are quite slim.  Therefore, we suggest just picking out some characters that sounds like your company’s English name. This shouldn’t be too difficult of a task, as there are generally many combinations that can be made with characters that sound relatively close to your English name.    

Choose a list of 10 names 

As stated above, a good strategy is to pick a list of names with characters that sound close to your company’s English name.  One, however, may not be enough.  You don’t want to find yourself with big delays in the registration process because your names get rejected.  Instead of taking a chance and rolling the dice on one name working out, it’s better to make a list of about ten names to submit.  That way, there’s a pretty good shot that one of them will work out. 

Shorter is Better!

We typically suggest that our clients file 2 character names.  Seems like longer would be better when trying to choose a unique name, right? The reason is that even if the name is longer, if 2 characters are the same, it will generally be rejected.  Since the combinations of characters need to be unique, you have a higher probability of being accepted if you have a short, 2 character name.