Introducing Our Summer WOFE Registration Deal!

One of our goals here at Yu-link is to make things as easy as possible for new start-ups and to help those with the dream to own their own business to actually make that a reality.  We have one of the best deals in town for business registration and for July and August, we are going to make the deal even better.  If you register your WOFE this July or August, you will receive your choice of 1 free month in one of our hot desks or 3 months free virtual office.  WOFE registration is only 16,000 RMB and 12,000 RMB for Yu-link members.

There have been many changes to the law over the past years in China regarding business registration and it's becoming easier and faster to register your business.  We want to help as many new startups in Shanghai as possible, so now is the time to consult with us on getting started. We look forward to helping all you guys pursue your goal of owning your own business!