5 Leadership Characteristics Entrepreneurs Must Possess

On July 30, Roberto & Co organized an event called « Acting Like A Leader », with guest speaker Michael J. Rosenthal, the national director of Miss Earth China and president of Qin Xin Media. 

According to M. Rosenthal, most people are not natural born leaders, but instead develop characteristics over time that great leaders possess. Being an effective leader is not about what you know, it’s about how you act and interact with others. By identifying areas in which you lack skills and working to improve, and by maximizing your own strengths, you can grow to become a better leader in work and in your personal life. 

There are many traits that characterize an effective leader, but among them, we will focus on the 5 that we think are typically important in entrepreneurial leadership. 

Confidence: A leader has to show confidence. No one will ever trust someone who has difficulties in trusting himself.  One must be sure about the decisions he makes and be assertive.  

Communication: A good leader should have the ability to express very clear expectations concerning the initiatives, tasks, and desired outcome. People will be more motivated when they have clearly defined goals to achieve. Also, don’t neglect to be crystal-clear with what needs to be improved and how they can make those improvements. 

Listen: Don’t be that entrepreneur that thinks that because he founded the company, he always has the best ideas. Great leaders listen to what their employees have to say.  Let them express their thoughts and they will give you ideas that you never would have thought about on your own! 

Empowering: A lot of your company’s achievements will come from the way you empower and motivate your troops. The effects of verbal rewards and showing recognition have always been very important for the intrinsic motivation of employees. If you do well in this field, your employees will only be more willing to achieve your company’s goals! 

Positive: This one is perhaps the most important. Being an entrepreneur is never an easy task. There will always be hard times but these difficult moments become easier if you remain positive for yourself and those around you.  No one likes being around a negative person, so lift your head up and start putting on a happy face for yourself and those around you.