Some of Our Current and Past Members


O'Live is the best solution to assist foreigners in their daily needs during their stay in China. O'Live concierges has a strong team of highly trained bilingual assistants. A single call, text message or email and you will have access to our responsive service. O'Live concierges will assess your needs and preferences to exceed your expectations.



GCG Wines 

Golden Coast Group (GCG) was formed to share our passion for fine wines. Being from California, the state consists of some of the world’s top wine producing regions, including Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley. As we are very familiar with both the Chinese and American cultures, the partners at GCG truly believe that we will bridge the western and Chinese grape wine cultures, and to enhance the lifestyles of our consumers.


JMS Asia Group

JMS Asia Group imports sports and health supplements, health foods, as well as natural health care products into China. JMS Asia Group is made up of three companies to target three industry segments: Gym Life for gym supplements, Peak Health for health and wellness, and Jian Distribution serves as a distribution company. JMS Asia Group creates a secure distribution process which allows the end consumer to rest assured knowing that the products they are consuming are not only authentic, but of the highest quality and at the most affordable prices.


A Learning Culture

A Learning Culture is a passionate, experienced team of Learning and Development professionals. We don’t call ourselves teachers or trainers – we are instructional designers, and our duty is to design engaging and effective learning experiences for each and every client.