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Startup Problem Solving- Hipsters, Hackers, and Hustlers

History has shown us that great teams consist of 3 H’s- hackers, hustlers, and hipsters.  Think Apple: Steve Jobs (Hustler), Steve Wozniak (Hacker), Jony Ive (Hipster). 

For our event, we want to bring together all of these people and use this mindset to attack real business problems.

We’ve invited a local startup, Artscene Guru, to present their business and share their struggles, and we will collectively crowdsource solutions by looking at their challenges from a design(hipster), technical(hacker), and sales/marketing (hustler) perspective.

This event is for all of those that fall into one of the 3 H’s and want to meet others that may help you start your team, flesh out your company, or help you solve problems that you may have.  

The goal is to be able to look at business challenges from these 3 perspectives and learn how to better solve problems.

We will have time for networking and provide free drinks for all of you fine people.  Look forward to seeing you come out.


6:30- Registration and networking

7:00- Business Presentation

7:15- Problem Solving

7:45- Networking

8:15- Go home!

Date: Thursday September 4th



SuHeYiHao, Building A, Floor 5A, Suite 11-16

638 Hengfeng Road, Shanghai 200070

Directions from subway: 

You can find our office by taking Line 1,3, or 4 to Shanghai Railway Station. Make sure to exit from the south side, on the Line 1 side, and take exit 1 or 2.  From the station, walk to HengFeng Road and you'll see our building. Enter from the left side of the building and press 5A (Not 5!) in the elevator to find our office.


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